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Interview: World Artist Network Magazine

(Issue #3, March 2007)

Artist: Kim Kibby
Title: The Fabulous Shoe
Medium: Oil on panel
Date: December 2006
Dimensions: 6x6 inches

World Artist Network: What is art?
Kim Kibby:
Art is one of those things that, like God or love, to define is to cram into an ill-fitting pair of pants. It's not becoming.

WAN: Could you comment on your relationship with the arts?
I'd like to think it's symbiotic — I need art (of all kinds) in my life, but I also contribute when I can. Art isn't my identity, but when I stopped painting for 6 years, I definitely noticed something was missing.

My relationship with the arts really got going when I was 16 at Interlochen Arts Academy. The whole place was teeming with creative energy — people making things, playing music, acting, dancing — a complete sensory overload. I realized this was the world I wanted to be part of.

WAN: What do you hope to do with your art?
That's hard to say; it's still in development. What I'm doing now is building up to something else, but it's not concrete yet.

Last December, I started this daily painting series — small oil-on-panel pieces that I complete in one or two sessions. The concept was especially appealing because of the small blocks of time needed. This practice forces you to work directly and quickly, with no time to obsess over every detail or decision. Not every piece is successful, but you can become hindered if you expect success every time. I plan to stick with this routine for a while, then to work on bigger, more conceptual projects.

Ultimately, I want to gain more understanding about the world and life through my art. One can learn a lot just through the act of observation...

WAN: Could you discuss the meaning of the piece that you are sharing with the readers?
This piece, along with the rest of the series, is mostly about paint. I want to convey the mood of a scene or the character/presence of an object — in this case, sexy! Perhaps this piece can be seen as a symbol of seduction or femininity. Or is it an instrument of bondage? Or paint transformed into leather? It's not for me to say.

The artist

Self Portrait.

Fabulous Shoe. 6x6 inches, oil on panel.